What is dropshipping?
Dropshipping is a business model where you can run your store without any inventory. After completing the sale, we will ship the products you need from mydiydropshipping's warehouse directly to your customers. You don't need to think about warehouses, packaging, shipping, etc.
What is the difference between dropshipping and retailing?
Retail arbitrage is any situation where you resell products you bought from other retailers for a profit. For example, you go to a retail store to buy a piece of jewelry and sell it at a higher price through your own website. The direct selling model is that you sell items online at high prices, then buy items in our store, and we will ship them after you buy them.
How does the dropshipping business model work?
First, the customer completes the purchase. When customers order dropshipping products from your website, they pay for retail and shipping you set yourself. In business, you sell our products under your own brand on your website, you are free to choose all our products, and of course you are free to customize their prices and shipping.
You forward their order to us. After receiving their order, you forward it to us and pay the wholesale price of the product. In the dropshipping business, we are a jewelry manufacturer, providing you with jewelry inventory, product shipping, defective product replacement, and more.
At the end we take care of the rest, the order is prepared and fulfilled by us and shipped directly to your customer.
What are the benefits of dropshipping with us?
1. Requires less upfront capital
Join us, you don't have to buy thousands of dollars in stock products, and there's less risk involved in opening a dropshipping store
2. Easy to get started
You don't have to deal with physical products, manage or pay warehouse fees, pack shipping orders, etc.
3. Low overhead
Many successful dropshipping stores are home-based, requiring only a computer and some recurring expenses to operate, with very low overheads
4. Flexible location
You can do business wherever there is internet
5. Wide selection of products for sale
You don't need to buy products in advance, you can choose from the popular product series in the products we offer. As long as mydiydropshipping has stock, you can sell in your store.
6. Easier to test products
The main benefit of dropshipping is that when testing a virtual product, there is no need to buy a lot of product inventory before selling it.
Our one-stop dropshipping service provides your business with:
1. Product procurement: you only need to send us your procurement needs, and our team will handle it
2. Inventory warehouse: You can drop the inventory into our warehouse for free, and we can keep the inventory for you
3. Dropshipping: When your customer places an order with you, you can synchronize the order to us, and we will ship the product directly to your customer
4. Picture and video packages: We can provide pictures or videos that suit your business
5. Private Label: We support your own logo to increase the recognition of your brand
The specific process of working with us:
1. Send us your request and send us the item you want to buy.
2. Quote your product according to your requirements (including cost shipping)
3. Create a registered account to connect to our system and deposit the fee
4. When your customer places an order in your online store, you can contact us and send your logo
5. Our factory receives the order and supports your own brand at the same time, we confirm the blueprint together
6. Choose the packaging method you need, and finally mydiydropshipping send the order directly to your customers
Begin to join our jewelry membership, let your store flourish.
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